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Life is Just Better at the Water’s Edge


Those of us who call North Idaho home certainly know this to be true. Just hang your feet off a dock for awhile, or get some sand between your toes, and I’m sure you’ll agree. The idea of waterfront living is sure to tempt anyone.

With our nearly endless supply of navigable lakes and rivers, your options for seasonal or year-round waterfront living are many, well within reach, and simply beyond compare. The challenge, however, can sometimes be making a decision that’s right for you. The factors that often go into purchasing a piece of waterfront land or home range from price to proximity, from serenity to constant excitement, from paved access to boat-in only, or from sun exposure to steepness of terrain. And in some cases, the decision to buy near the water, in a location with easy access to get on the boat and/or with an inevitable water view can prove to be just as rewarding, and might even save you a few bucks.

It’s our goal here at Luxury Homes North Idaho, to help guide that decision tree. Throughout our site and future blog posts, you’ll find features on some of the finest available homes in North Idaho, along with thoughts of the sellers themselves. Why did they choose the location they did initially? What makes it special? What are some of the features and benefits to their particular location that may not be easy to determine from merely looking at pretty pictures or a map? As a North Idaho ‘native,’ I’ve (Greg) had the opportunity to experience all of the various waterways and neighborhoods here in Kootenai County firsthand. And now as a REALTOR, I think I can offer some insights into what makes each of the options unique and desirable. Stay tuned for more.

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