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“If you are seeking the most qualified all-around business professional you will find it in Greg Rowley. We purchased a home through Greg and we could not have had a better experience. ”  

By Jody Black.      


We list high-end homes. So guess who calls us? High-end home buyers. It sounds simple, but it’s

true. Because we work exclusively at the top side of the market, we’re continually communicating

with other buyers and sellers at the high-end. Our attention is not distracted or diluted. We are

laser-focused and constantly communicating with the top 10% of the buying and selling pool.

In part, due to contacts and relationships established from Greg’s former golf-career, and in part

due to hard work and selling success, we are firmly entrenched, and in some cases, the exclusive

listing agent of, the BEST NEIGHBORHOODS in the BEST LOCATIONS in town. It’s our ACCESS to and

KNOWLEDGE of the most desirable locations that SEPARATES US FROM THE PACK!


​Named One of AMERICAS BEST... Ranking in the TOP 1.5% of Real Estate Professionals in the country, that account for over 10% of the closed transactions and more than 16% of all the sales volume closed last year in the U.S.

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